12 Oct
Open yourself up to receive messages; advice from a medium

Here is a great example of how our loved ones are always trying to send messages to us, but, we might miss them.  My friend Melanie May, who is a medium told me this story that happened to her today.  She is an extremely gifted medium and one of the things that she tells her clients repeatedly is, "Be open to receiving their messages in different ways; not just in the way that you expect them to come."


Just like all of us, Melanie is always longing to hear messages from her beloved father-in-law; Pop.  Even though she is a true medium, she cannot always get communications from her people when ever she wants them, she has to ask and wait sometimes, like you and me.  A couple of days ago, Melanie asked Pop to send her a Blue Jay. Pop usually sends a Cardinal as his sign, but sometimes he will send a Blue Jay and this is what she asked for.  A couple of days went by and no sign of a Blue Jay.  Melanie had received a card in the mail and as she was cleaning up she picked up the card to throw it in the trash.  All of a sudden, she said that she was told very strongly to "stop, look at the card before you throw it out."  There on the front of the card was a tree with a Blue Jay in it.


There, on the card, was just what she had asked for, only she was looking in the wrong places.  We often ask for signs, guidance, or help from our loved ones just to assure us that they are still there.  I think that almost all of the time, they do grant our requests and try repeatedly to let us know that they are there.

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